Building Resilient Workplaces:
How to promote positive mental health in public safety organizations

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Thank you to participants for the successful delivery of this workshop. For those that attended the workshop, you can find the Participants’ Guide here. If you’d like more information on the workshop, please contact

Workshop Description

This interactive one-day workshop is intended for leaders, influencers, and implementers belonging to First Responder groups and public safety organizations such as Police, Fire and Rescue, Corrections, Emergency Health Services, BC Wildfire, Coast Guard and CBSA, among others. The aim is to provide a framework for promoting positive mental health in the workplace.

The workshop will cover key aspects of the Recommended Practices, which is a guide created by the BC First Responders Mental Health Committee. The overview of this guide will allow participants to explore the Recommended Practices as it pertains to their individual organizations, apply the framework and principles outlined in the guide, and develop strategies that can be used to promote positive mental health in their respective workplaces. This workshop will require the active participation of attendees and provide an opportunity to learn about the Recommended Practices from representatives of First Responder groups and others involved in the movement of increasing mental health awareness.


Prince George